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Audiogramme du mercredi 23 Mars 2016

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1. Jacques Loussier – Pulsion
2. Albert Marcoeur – Micheline
3. Hughes de Courson – La Coco des Enfants Sages
4. Marie et les Garçons – Re Bop
5. Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Fire
6. Blondie – The Hardest Part
7. James White & The Blacks – Contort Yourself
8. Marianne Faithfull – Broken English
9. 10cc – Dreadlock Holiday
10. Patti LaBelle – Teach Me Tonight (Me Gusta Tu Baile)
11. O.V. Wright – Let’s Straighten It Out
12. Dexter Wansel – The Sweetest Pain
13. The Jones Girls – You’re Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else
14. Edwin Birdsong – Cola Bottle Baby


Audiogramme du mardi 12 Janvier 2016

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1. Tord Gustavsen Trio – Deep As Love
2. Marianne Faithfull – Conversation On A Barstool
3. Camille and Hans Zimmer – Suis-moi
4. DIIV – Under the Sun
5. Felt – Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow
6. Echo and The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon
7. New Order – Your Silent Face
8. Pet Shop Boys – It’s A Sin
9. Killing Joke – Eighties
10. Blur – Beetlebum
11. Harry Nilsson – You’re Breakin’ My Heart
12. Camera Obscura – French Navy
13. Thunderbitch – Eastside Party
14. Beck – Black Tambourine (Film Version)
15. TV On The Radio – I Was A Lover


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T’es là?
Je suis lasse…

Lasse des rêves.

Rêve qui brille dans le noir
Brillera bien, tu peux le croire.
Toujours dire la vérité
Quand je suis lasse des rêves.

I’m already a has-been
my future ain’t what it was
well I think I know the words that I mean

You know me – I’m acting dumb
you know the scene – very humdrum
boredom – boredom

I’m bored

I’m the chairman of the bored,
I’m a lengthy monologue
I’m livin’ like a dog

I’m bored

I bore myself to sleep at night
I bore myself in broad daylight coz

I’m bored
Just another slimy bore

Henry and June used to be one of my favorite movies as a teenager. Watched it recently. It’s lost a lot of its initial allure. It’s not as good as I remembered it to be. However, the soundtrack is amazing. It was my introduction to a lot of music from the 20s and the 30s including classical music, jazz, French and American songs. One of my favorite tracks on the CD was Je m’ennuie. Another was Je te veux, but that might be another post in the making with Satie as our MC.
I discovered (today) that it was an instrumental cover of a Marlene Dietrich song!

De ce que fut mon enfance, je n’ai plus de souvenirs
C’est peut-être que la chance ne m’offrit pas de plaisirs
Et chaque jour qui se lève ne m’apporte aucun espoir
Je n’ai même pas de rêves, quand luit l’étoile du soir

Moi je m’ennuie
C’est dans ma vie une manie
Je n’y peux rien,
Le plaisir passe, il me dépasse.
En moi sa trace ne laisse rien

Partout je traîne, comme une chaîne,
Ma lourde peine, sans autre bien
C’est dans ma vie une manie
Moi, je m’ennuie.

Par de longs vagabondages j’ai voulu griser mon coeur
Et souvent sur mon passage j’ai vu naître des malheurs
Sur chaque nouvelle route, à l’amour j’ai dû mentir
Et le soir lorsque j’écoute la plainte du vin mourir

Et on change de registre et même de sens pour terminer avec le Beau Serge

Ce mortel ennui
Qui me vient
Quand je suis avec toi
Ce mortel ennui
Qui me tient
Et me suit pas à pas
Le jour où j’aurai assez d’estomac
Et de toi
Pour te laisser choir
Ce jour-là, oh oui ce jour-là, je crois
Oui je crois
Pourrai voir
Ce mortel ennui
Se tailler
À l’anglaise loin de moi

Bien sûr il n’est rien besoin de dire
À l’horizontale
Mais on ne trouve plus rien à se dire
À la verticale
Alors pour tuer le temps
Entre l’amour et l’amour
J’ prends l’ journal et mon stylo
Et je remplis
Et les a et les o

Il faudra bien que j’ me décide un jour
Mon amour
À me faire la malle
Mais j’ai peur qu’ tu n’ailles dans la salle de bain
Tendre la main
Comme je n’ veux pas d’ennui
Avec ma
Conscience et ton père
Je m’ laisse faire !

“I’m bored. I want to be entertained.” Do you remember the video?

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November 12, 2011 at 17:27


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A lot of people have been asking me why I’ve chosen this format.
Or why I chose a slightly darker theme for certain posts.
Trying to read into them as if they were a doorway to my soul.
Why am I doing it? Maybe this small text in French can clarify things. A friend sent it to me a few weeks ago and it’s from an article in Magazine Litéraire on Paul Ricoeur (I think).
Still hiding behind other people’s words. Hopefully mine will emerge soon enough.

La narration de sa propre vie, quelque forme qu’on lui donne, offre à chacun la liberté et la créativité de l’écrivain, mais aussi la satisfaction du lecteur – celle de découvrir une histoire cohérente et fouillée. Les variations, les détails incongrus et sans liens mutuels prennent sens dans une œuvre qui n’appartient qu’à soi

زياد الرحباني – هيك بتعمل هيك

أني عم بفكر أبقى اني …وياك، ليك، ليه عم تعمل هيك…
هاي تاني مرة بتحكيني هيك… ليك… ليه عم تعمل هيك…
ياحبيب الروح شو عم بتسوي… نايم تاركني عم ضوي…
ياعواطف حاجة تتلوي… هيك… صعبة العيشة هيك…

This song by Ziad Rahbani has been a favorite of mine since its release in 1995. Leih 3am ta3mel heik translates roughly as “Why are doing this?”
Now if we want another take on the same question, let’s go to Marianne Faithfull’s Why D’ya do it?

When I stole a twig from our little nest
And gave it to a bird with nothing in her beak,
I had my balls and my brains put into a vice
And twisted around for a whole fucking week.
Why’d ya do it, she said, why’d you let that trash
Get a hold of your cock, get stoned on my hash ?

Why’d ya do it she said, why’d you let her suck your cock ?
Oh, do me a favour, don’t put me in the dark.
Why’d ya do it, she said, they’re mine all your jewels,
You just tied me to the mast of the ship of fools.

Why’d ya do it, she said, when you know it makes me sore,
‘Cause she had cobwebs up her fanny and I believe in giving to the poor.
Why’d ya do it, she said, why’d you spit on my snatch ?
Are we out of love now, is this just a bad patch ?

Why’d ya do it, she said, why’d you do what you did ?
You drove my ego to a really bad skid.

Why’d you do it, she said, ain’t nothing to laugh,
You just tore all our kisses right in half!

Why’d ya do it, she said, why’d ya do what you did,
Betray my little oyster for such a low bitch.

Why’d ya do it, she said, why’d you do what you did ?
You drove my ego to a really bad skid.

Why’d ya do it, she screamed, after all we’ve said
Every time I see your dick I see her cunt in my bed.

The whole room was swirling,
Her lips were still curling.

Why’d ya do it, she said, why’d you do what you did
Why’d ya do it, she said, why’d you do what you did
Why’d ya do it, she said, why’d ya do it, she said,
Why’d you do what you did ?

Oh, big grey mother, I love you forever
With your barbed wire pussy and your good and bad weather.
Why’d ya do it, she said, why’d you do what you did …

Ah, I feel better now

I love the lyrics. Probably one of the best jealousy songs ever. It was initially released on Broken English, her comeback album in 1979. It’s weird to see her singing it in that video above: a bit older, in Irina Palm mode. Watch the trailer and the amazing bonus below and find this movie!
She reminds me a bit of Catherine Deneuve in Les Bien-Aimés.
Probably for the wrong reasons.

BONUS: (Don’t miss it!)

And one final song in order to justify the cover illustrating this post: Question Mark & the Mysterians.
Plus the lyrics work well with Irina Palm…

Do something to me
I’ve got to find love in a hurry
Do something to me
Help me to ease all the worry

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October 28, 2011 at 18:59


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Je pense pas à demain, parce que demain c’est loin…
Hier ou demain, mais pas aujourd’hui…

When you’re both a procrastinator and a control freak, the idea of tomorrow is pretty hard to deal with. And if you have a lot of time on your hands, then it gets even worse.

I get so excited every time I discover a new song.
I glimpsed the first few seconds of this Marianne Faithfull video on somebody’s laptop. I realized later that it was from the musical Anna by Serge Gainsbourg and that I actually had it on the album “Mister Melody – Les Interprètes de Serge Gainsbourg“.
I could sense a certain uneasiness in the look I received, as if I had stumbled on something that wasn’t meant for my eyes. On the contrary, the song spoke straight at me. Or perhaps that was exactly the problem…?

Écoute mon coeur qui bat
Il ne bat pas pour toi,
Mais pour un autre que toi
Que je ne connais pas.

Hier ou demain,
Je t’aurais dit oui.
Hier ou demain,
Mais pas aujourd’hui.

Oui, j’aurais pu être à toi,
Mais tu n’étais pas là.
J’étais libre comme toi,
Mais ne le savais pas.

Hier ou demain,
Je t’aurais dit oui.
Hier ou demain,
Mais pas aujourd’hui.

Hier est si loin déjà
Et je ne t’aimais pas.
Et dès demain si tu penses à moi
Je ne serai plus là.

Hier ou demain,
Je t’aurais dit oui.
Hier ou demain,
Mais pas aujourd’hui.
Hier ou demain,
Mais pas aujourd’hui.

All this talk about tomorrows started over drinks yesterday with a bunch of friends waxing lyrical about IAM and the album L’ecole du micro d’argent. I just had to find the closing track everybody was raving about.

IAM – Demain, C’Est Loin (Mediafire Link)

Lotsa lyrics, here are a few:

La fin, la faim, la faim justifie les moyens, 4, 5 coups malsains
Et on tient jusqu’à demain, après on verra bien
On marche dans l’ombre du malin du soir au matin
Tapis dans un coin, couteau à la main, bandit de grand chemin
Tirroir, on y passe notre vie, on y finit avant de connaître l’enfer
Sur terre, on construit son paradis
Fiction, désillusion trop forte, sors le chichon
La réalité tape trop dure, besoin d’évasion
Lendemain? C’est pas le problème, on vit au jour le jour
On n’a pas le temps ou on perd de l’argent, les autres le prennent
Demain, c’est loin, on n’est pas pressé, au fur et à mesure
On avance en surveillant nos fesses pour parler au futur

Seeing my current state of mind, perhaps I should’ve posted the Velvet Underground’s “All Tomorrow’s Parties” or The Shirelles’ “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” but I’d rather end this on a more positive (?) and childish note.

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow!
You’re always
A day

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October 8, 2011 at 10:26