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Audiogramme du jeudi 21 Janvier 2016

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1. Lou Rawls – Lifetime Monologue
2. Donald Byrd – Kofi
3. Carmen McRae – No More Blues [Chega de Saudade)
4. Stacey Kent – Ces Petits Riens
5. Keren Ann – For You and I
6. Lou Rawls – Season Of The Witch
7. The Three Sounds – Out Of This World
8. Cannonball Adderley – Fun In The Church
9. Patti Drew – Hard To Handle
10. Lou Donaldson – Say It Loud (I’m Black And I’m Proud)
11. Martin Denny – A Taste Of Honey
12. Grant Green – I Don’t Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing
13. Peggy Lee – Spinning Wheel
14. Sabrina Starke – Romeo & Juliet
15. Gene Harris and The Three Sounds – Fever
16. Djavan – Serrado
17. Earl Klugh – I Heard It Through the Grapevine


Audiogramme du vendredi 18 Decembre 2015

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1. Dr. John – When The Saints Go Marchin’ In
2. Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros – Get Down Moses
3. The Congos – Fisherman (version edit)
4. Valerie Lagrange – Fleuve Congo
5. Valérie Leulliot – Mon Homme Blessé
6. Sébastien Tellier – L’Adulte
7. Yelle – Les Femmes {Pop Up}
8. Lissy Trullie – Ready For The Floor
9. Stereo MC’s – Sofisticated
10. Lily Allen – Smile
11. Rhesus – Friday I’m In Love (The Cure)
12. Bat For Lashes – A Forest
13. Lady and Bird – Suicide Is Painless (Lady and Bird)
14. Jean-Louis Murat – Insensatez
15. Keren Ann – La forme et le fond


Audiogramme du lundi 5 Octobre 2015

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1. The Speldings Jazz Orchestra – Peter Gunn
2. Harry Belafonte – Haiti Cherie
3. Tabou Combo – New York
4. Vinicius de Moraes ;Maria Creuza ;Toquinho – Canto de Ossanha
5. Les Négresses Vertes – Il
6. Keren Ann – Je Fume Pour Oublier Que Tu Bois (Alain Bashung)
7. Georges Moustaki – Donne Du Rhum A Ton Homme
8. André Bourvil – Salade De Fruits
9. Ben Satumba y Su Orquesta – La Banana (El único fruto del amor)
10. Areski Belkacem – Les Fraises
11. Gnawa Diffusion – Ombre-Elle
12. Biyouna – Une blonde platine dans la casbah
13. Low Mass Tone – Down Under (Men At Work)
14. Lali Puna – I Like Rain (Jean Paul Sartre Experience)
15. Tunng – October

EN BONUS : André Bourvil – Salade De Fruits

Audiogramme du samedi 14 février 2015

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1. Jean Claude Pascal – La recette de l’amour fou (Serge Gainsbourg)
2. Keren-Ann/Tanger – Il N’Y a Pas d’Amour Heureux (Georges Brassens)
3. Magnet & Gemma Hayes – Lay Lady Lay (Bob Dylan)
4. The Head and the Heart – Don’t Forget Me (Harry Nilsson)
5. Laura Mvula – Human Nature (Michael Jackson)
6. Chet Faker – Archangel (Burial)
7. Ada – Let Down (Radiohead)
8. Twin Shadow – I’m On Fire (Bruce Springsteen)
9. Horace Andy – Ain’t No Sunshine (Bill Withers)
10. Jens Lekman – A Little Lost (Arthur Russell)
11. Anthony Raneri – About A Girl (Nirvana)
12. Mark Lanegan – Nothin’ In The World Can Stop Me Worryin’ ‘Bout That Girl (The Kinks)
13. William Bell – I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) (Otis Redding)
14. Mitty Collier – I’m Missing You (Otis Redding)
15. Madrugada – I’m Losing You (John Lennon)
16. Jarvis Cocker – I Can’t Forget (Leonard Cohen)
17. Vespers – All I Want Is You [Barry Louis Polisar]

Download the full show / Télecharger l’émission: Link / Lien


Audiogramme du dimanche 1er février 2015 / Chansons d’amour

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1. Barbara – J’ai tué l’amour
2. Daphné – Parce Que Je T’aime
3. Jean-Claude Brialy et Serge Gainsbourg – Un Poison violent c’est ça l’amour (b.o.f. Anna)
4. Louis Garrel, Gregoire Leprince-Ringuet – J’Ai Cru Entendre
5. Keren Ann – Je Fume Pour Oublier Que Tu Bois (Alain Bashung)
6. Jo Lemaire – Je suis venue te dire que je m’en vais
7. Sven Vath Ft Miss Kittin – Je T’aime… Moi Non Plus (Serge Gainsbourg Cover)
8. Elli et Jacno – Main Dans La Main
9. Taxi Girl – Je rêve encore de toi (Stephanie Says / Lou Reed)
10. Alex Beaupain – Je Veux
11. Lescop – La Forêt
12. Miossec et les Valentins – J’ai triste
13. Louis Garrel, Ludivine Sagnier – Inventaire
14. Taxi Girl – Je suis déjà parti
15. Dominique A – Je t’aime tant
16. Arne Vinzon – Je t’aime je t’aime

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Trouble in mind, I’m blue
But I won’t be blue always,
‘Cause that sun is gonna shine in my back door someday.

Trouble in mind, it’s true
I have almost lost my mind
Never had so much trouble in my life before

I’m gonna lay my head
On some lonesome railroad line
And let the 2:19 train ease my troubled mind.

Trouble in mind, I’m blue
But I won’t be blue always,
‘Cause that sun is gonna shine in my back door someday.

Of course there’s the Janis Joplin typerwriter version too.

And then there’s Cat’s take on Trouble

Oh trouble set me free
I have seen your face
And it’s too much too much for me

Oh trouble can’t you see
You’re eating my heart away
And there’s nothing much left of me

I don’t know if I like Keren Ann’s music in general. Must admit I don’t know it well. However there are a few tracks that are very catchy. That‘s one of them

My name is trouble my first name’s a mess
No need to greet me I’m here to confess
But if you let me hold you I won’t hold my breath
And if you let me love you I will love you to death

And I could go on forever, slip in some Tindersticks off their soundtrack for Claire Denis’ Trouble Ever Day. But I’ll just end this post with Vera Ward Hall before she was sampled by Moby

Ooh Lordy, troubles so hard
Ooh Lordy, troubles so hard
Don’t nobody know my troubles but God
Don’t nobody know my troubles but God

Went down the hill
Other day
My soul got happy
and stayed all day

Ooh Lordy, troubles so hard
Ooh Lordy, troubles so hard
Don’t nobody know my troubles but God
Don’t nobody know my troubles but God

Ooh Lordy, troubles so hard
Ooh Lordy, troubles so hard
Went in the room
Didn’t stay long
Looked on the bed and,
Brother was dead

Ooh Lordy, troubles so hard
Ooh Lordy, troubles so hard
Don’t nobody know my troubles but God
Don’t nobody know my troubles but God

Ooh Lordy, troubles so hard
Ooh Lordy, troubles so hard

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March 12, 2012 at 00:27


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That’s me imitating Gainsbarre when I was around 2.
Last night was the first time this month I went to sleep without being intoxicated: stayed home and watched Gainsbourg (Vie Héroique).
That was a first too: hadn’t been able to concentrate long enough to finish a videoclip, let alone a whole movie.
It’s not a biography, it’s a poetic cartoon-like reading of the Gainsbourg myth with a lot of very charming moments despite trying too hard to recreate mannerisms and a slightly abrupt ending (or maybe that was me dozing off?)

Anyway, one of the best moments is Serge’s meeting with Boris Vian. Great mashup!

Je bois
Pour oublier les amis de ma femme
Je bois
Pour oublier tous mes emmerdements

Je bois
À trop forte dose
Je vois
Des éléphants roses
Des araignées sur le plastron
D’ mon smoking
Des chauves-souris au plafond
Du living-

La vie vaut-elle d’être vécue
L’amour vaut-il qu’on soit cocu
Je pose ces deux questions
Auxquelles personne ne répond… et

Eh toi
Dis-moi quelque chose
Tu es là
Comme un marbre rose
Aussi glacée que le plastron
D’ mon smoking
Aussi pâle que le plafond
Du living-

Je bois
Dès que j’ai des loisirs
Pour être saoul, pour ne plus voir ma gueule
Je bois
Sans y prendre plaisir
Pour pas me dire qu’il faudrait en finir…

Ne m’ dit plus grand-chose
Ces éléphants roses
Ces araignées sur le plastron
Ces chauves-souris au plafond
Tous mes emmerdements

Je bois
Je bois

And we continue with a beautiful cover. A few posts back we had Bashung covering Serge.
This time it’s Keren Ann covering Alain.
Best track on Tels Alain Bashung and one of the reasons I believe the hype regarding this singer whose middle name is trouble.

C’est pas facile, facile de s’foutre en l’air
Ca coûte, ça coûte, ça coûte très cher
Je vais me faire la peau, je vais me tirer la chasse d’eau
Dans les WC de mon petit studio

C’est pas facile, facile de se foutre en l’air
C’est pour les riches les somnifères
La roulette russe c’est complètement idiot
Quand on peut mourir d’un coup de chasse d’eau

Je fume pour oublier que tu bois
Je fais comme chez moi
Je renvoie la fumée sur un poster de toi

La vie c’est comme une overdose
Tu prends tout tout de suite
Tu en crêves et vite
Et si tu prends pas, c’est la vie qui t’a

Je suis bien, bien, très bien dans mon cagibi
Y’a des journaux, alors j’les lis…
Ils disent que le bonheur
C’est peut-être qu’un bobard

Je m’en fous, j’attendrai pas la fin de mon histoire

And today, I watched Where Do We Go Now? Nadine Labaki’s latest overhyped offering.
I won’t be a prick but honestly, let’s stop using big words to describe this movie. Actually I won’t even bother to formulate my opinion.
Let’s just say there’s a very catchy song that fits today’s theme:

A few years back I did an intoxication special on my radio show.
I had pre-recorded it and was busy with family when I got a phone call while the show was being aired.
It was Ghassan Rahbani. He’d taken my number from the radio station and insisted on talking to me!
The problem was this track:

Like a lot of people, I thought this was a song by Ziad Rahbani: if you google Dawwerha, his name comes up (a lot!).
Turns out the song is by The Bendaly family. The ones behind Do you Love Me? and Ghassan was sick of having his cousin bad-mouthed.
I issued an official apology on my next show and make sure to credit these guys, that have been receiving a lot of coverage recently because of another track I strongly recommend.