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Pronounced as in first, second, third and fourth
Not the Arabic version of basta! And definitely not the fish.
Just different basslines that have been haunting me all day.
This morning a friend declared this track “song of the week”

I won’t be posting lyrics but you might want to check’em out anyway…

So is this the track of the week?
No. This is!
Thank you Knight Rider!

The bassline sounds so much like Lambchop’s cover of Curtis Mayfield’s “Give me your love” which also reminds me a lot of Ziad’s Abu Ali. I discovered this guy a few years ago with this gorgeous Jean-Baptiste Mondino video. He’s from Benghazi – Libya and he’s still making music.

Also, go download this amazing edit the BCE posted a few months back

Fakroun’s sound brought mid-eighties Gainsbarre to mind. All the synth-filled, twangy NYC-produced stuff from 1984: Love On the Beat?
No comment!

Anyway, I hear The Tick Of The Clock
It’s time to drive aimlessly once again.

Written by audiogrammes

October 24, 2011 at 18:28

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