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More Cowbell?

A little more time?

Tell me more! Tell me more?
Yes. But rather this one.

Nina Simone – Tell me more and more and then some

Tell me more and then some
Daddy you know what I wanna hear
I want some more and then some of that
I love you only dear

I want some more and then some
Oh how you feel
And then when you done told me
About a million times
How much you love me
And you’re through
Start right back again

I’ve made the same mistake
I know the awful ache
Of a little heart that’s been double crossed
The waiting’s been so long so long
It’s hard to be believing
I thought I’d missed my guess
I thought happiness for me was lost

I want more some more
Some more and then some
You know how I love that stuff
Whisper from now on till Doomsday
But I never
No I never no I never
Will get enough

The Main theme today is the more the merrier

Trying to see the brightest side of life: No More Blues by Carmen McRae (cover of Jobim’s Chega de Saudade).

This is probably one of the strangest videos I’ve seen. I had never imagined her like that… but the message remains the same.

No more blues
I’m going back home
No more blues
I promise no more to roam
Home is where the heart is
The fun and parties
My heart’s been right there all along
No more fears
And no more sighs
No more tears
I’ve said my last good-byes
If trouble beckons me I swear I’m going to refuse
I’m going to settle down
There’ll be no more blues

Everyday when I am far away
My thoughts turn homeward, forever homeward
I’ve travelled round this world in search of happiness
But all the happiness I found was in my hometown

Anyway, More than this you know there’s nothing

Written by audiogrammes

October 23, 2011 at 15:59

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