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Audiogramme du samedi 16 mai 2015 / IDAHOT

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1. The B-52’s – Private Idaho
2. John Tartaglia & Rick Lyon – If You Were Gay
3. Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side
4. Robbie Williams – Swings Both Ways
5. Robert Preston – Gay Paree
6. Liza Minnelli – Cabaret
7. Jane Horrocks – Get Happy
8. Mylène Farmer – Pourvu Qu´elles Soient Douces
9. Charles Aznavour – Comme Ils Disent
10. Alexis HK – Coming Out
11. Tom Robinson – Glad To Be Gay (Cabaret 79)
12. Kanye West – Gay Fish
13. Frank Zappa – He’s So Gay
14. Scissor Sisters – Let’s Have A Kiki
15. Abba – Dancing Queen
16. Erasure – Take A Chance On Me
17. Madonna – Vogue

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Audiogramme du dimanche 8 mars 2015 / Journée Internationale de la Femme

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1. Sophie Tucker – Aren’t Women Wonderful?
2. Nina Simone – Four Women
3. Duke Of Iron – Ugly Woman – If You Wanna Be Happy
4. Albert King – Cold Women with Warm Hearts
5. Gaye Adegbalola – Big Ovaries, Baby
6. Frank Zappa – On Women
7. Frank Zappa – What kind of girl
8. Saffire – The Uppity Blues Women – Wild Women Don’t Have the Blues
9. The Mamas and The Papas – Wild Women
10. Little Birdy – Do Right Women
11. Alice Cooper – Only Women Bleed
12. The Rolling Stones – Honky Tonk Women
13. Lou Reed – Women
14. The Nails – 88 lines about 44 women
15. Soel – Black Women
16. Maceo Parker & All The King’s Men – Funky Women

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Audiogramme du samedi 6 mars 2010
Audiogramme du dimanche 7 mars 2010

Audiogramme du 9 dimanche 2014 / spéciale “movember” et poils sous toutes leurs formes

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1. Man Man – 10 lb. Moustache
2. Ahmet and Dweezil Zappa – Baby One More Time (Britney Spears Cover)
3. Frank Zappa – Don’t eat the yellow snow
4. Stereo Total – Barbe a Papa
5. Brigitte Fontaine – La Femme À Barbe
6. Adamo – Le Barbu Sans Barbe
7. Marka – La poupée barbu
8. The Tiger Lillies – Hairy Man
9. Devendra Banhart – Long Haired Child
10. George Thorogood – Get A Haircut
11. ZZ Top – La Grange
12. Eric Clapton – Let It Grow
13. The Dry Spells – Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair (Nina Simone cover)
14. Artofdisco by Blackjoy – La Stache

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Isn’t it a pity
Now, isn’t it a shame
How we break each other’s hearts
And cause each other pain
How we take each other’s love
Without thinking anymore
Forgetting to give back
Isn’t it a pity

Just finished watching Scorsese’s latest music documentary George Harrison: Living in the Material World. This track popped up during the Pattie Boyd / Eric Clapton situation. The DVD is available locally. In the meantime, watch the trailer below. Or download Elliott Smith’s gorgeous cover.

And now, we switch to the Marvelettes’ Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead

When you give more than you get, you’re in danger (you’re in danger)
You may find that you’re in love with a stranger (with a stranger)
For who knows what evil lurks within the hearts of men?
It’s vanity, insanity to play when you can’t win
When you find that you’re losing, it’s time to get on moving
‘Cause there’s danger: heartbreak dead ahead

It only takes one second, girl, to learn (to learn)
That playing with fire will get you burned (get you burned)
Now girl, don’t you be foolish
They say that love is blind, but it’s clear as the highway sign
That reads “Danger: heartbreak dead ahead”
Heartbreak dead ahead

Read the sign, girl; you’d better mind, girl
Yeah, danger: heartbreak dead ahead

Once the lying starts, start packing up your heart
Listen to me, girl
When there’s nothing to be gained, don’t keep goin’ on in vain
‘Cause there’s danger: heartbreak dead ahead
I said there’s danger, I said there’s danger

And then comes Harry Nilsson’s answer

You’re breakin’ my heart
You’re tearin’ it apart
So fuck you!

And Zappa’s beautiful Finale

You say you can’t live with what you been through
Well, ladies you can be an asshole too
You might pretend you aint got one on the bottom of you
But don’t fool yourself girl, it’s lookin’ at you
Don’t fool yourself girl, it’s winkin’ at you
Don’t fool yourself girl, it’s blinkin’ at you
That’s why I say, “I’m gonna ram it, ram it, ram it ram it up your poop chute”

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November 17, 2011 at 21:16