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I love the energy of Tank and The Bangas! The camaraderie reminded me of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes even if they’re very different musically.
That video won the NPR Tiny Desk Contest this year. So they were invited to play in their offices: another beautiful performance

Bonus: Sofar Sound with another track.

Loved them so much I just bought both their albums: Think Tank and The Big Bang Theory: Live at Gasa Gasa

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April 5, 2017 at 12:00

Always Love Yourself

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I don’t even need you
I never tried to cry
I used to ask so many questions like that famous one, ‘Why?’

Do you know him?
Does he know you?
Did you do a little hanky-panky off at the San Diego zoo?

Did you see the koalas?
Did you see the tigers and the bears, the wolves, the-
the things you shouldn’t see

Did you hold his hand in a park?
Did you go to a movie?
How dare you have someone you cared about before me
It’s so right
For me to get jealous
‘Cause I gotta think of you as a piece of property
I’ve gotta hold on to you
When I say you’re my girl
It really means that I own you inside of my mind

She thinks that’s sexy
‘Cause she thinks that’s cool
‘Cause love should be based on insecurity, my fools

I know it’s true and it feels so good to be
Slightly addicted to someone that you feel you can’t learn about

But don’t worry now
‘Cause there’s more
A-kissing and a-smooching and a-smooching and a-kissing and a-smooching and a-maybe just a little bit of fuckin
And you gotta do it right

Listen to what they are saying
Their body will respond in time, in kind and you will understand or glean
Oh yes you’ll glean
‘Cause gleaning is a thing we can do if we really open up our listening
Oh yes, I feel how lovers like to entwine in the moment
‘Cause there’s always a discrepancy between the biological lead

To procreate
But sometimes it gets confused with the idea, the construct that society lays upon this world, yeah

You watch a movie, you think it’s like that, yeah
You watch a TV show, you think it’s like that, yeah
You read a book and you think it’s like that
But it hasn’t been like that for very long

Because society hasn’t developed
The technology to place their stories in constructs in the philosophical medium that’s entertaining for us to understand
And plus there’s so many of us here on this planet
We need a system to organize ourselves in a way that makes us feel like we come from a tradition of culture

It’s so cool, but it’s scarier
To get your things in order
And understand there’s no order
We’re all improvising
And any way it makes you happy
Is truly the way that you should survive
Because otherwise you’re living under systems that don’t match who you are
And you’ll be fighting that all of for the rest of your life.

Anyways just be happy
Just do everything with love
And you’ll see everything will B-E a-ok
Just do what you need
Take that time to do the in between
The in, the in, in, in between

Don’t use those things
Against another person
Remember every person
Is an opportunity
To learn more about yourself
‘Cause you are listening

To where they’re coming from
And they represent a reflection of yourself
As long as you understand
That there’s more to this life
There’s always so much more to this life

Hey, hey, oh baby
I like the way that you smile at me
It makes me feel so good
It makes me feel like anything’s possible, yes

As long as I don’t lie no more
To myself or to others
It feels so much better ’cause when I was younger, I could lie, let me tell you, I could lie like a motherfucker
And that is good
Because you gotta experience the darkness
‘Cause the darkness is important to understand inside yourself
It’s not always about being good
It’s understanding why you’re being good in the first place

Oh, empathy’s a bitch
Once you feel it, you can’t get rid of that itch
It’s true

Just remember to all, all, all, all, always love yourself.

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April 4, 2017 at 11:36

Audiogramme du vendredi 1er Avril 2016

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Mes émissions continuent sur Radio Liban 96.2 mais je ne suis pas sur de vouloir continuer à les mettre en ligne. C’est un travail prenant et fastidieux.
Je ne mettrai en ligne que les “spéciales” ou celles qui m’auront plu pour une raison ou une autre.

Entre temps, vous trouverez plus de 130h d’emissions sur Mixcloud. Enjoy!

1. Kemal Rachid and Ses Ottomans – Narguilé
2. Mohamed Mazouni – Ecoute Moi Camarade
3. Camille – Paris
4. Bonobo – If You Stayed Over
5. Handsome Boy Modeling School – I’ve Been Thinking feat. Cat Power
6. The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home feat. Patrick Watson
7. Mercury Rev – Holes
8. Aaron Neville – How Could I Help But Love You
9. Grandmagneto and Blundetto – Everybody’s Talkin
10. Gefilte Joe & The Fish – Walk On The Kosher Side
11. Fat Freddy’s Drop – Ernie


Audiogramme du jeudi 31 Mars 2016

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1. Edson Cordeiro – Kiss
2. Bill Ben and Baggio – Pusherman
3. Cymande – Brothers On The Slide
4. Amadou & Mariam – Je Pense À Toi
5. Shinehead – Billie Jean
6. Pat Bowie and Charles McPherson – Feelin’ good
7. Bill Withers – Grandma’s Hands
8. Esther Phillips – Home Is Where The Hatred Is
9. Jackson Sisters – I Believe In Miracles
10. Phyllis Dillon – Close To You
11. Lefdup and Lefdup – 15h38mn
12. Terry Callier – Love Theme From Spartacus
13. Isaac Hayes – Do Your Thing
14. Greyhound – Move On Up
15. Shuggie Otis – Miss Pretty
16. Tindersticks – People Keep Comin’ Around


Audiogramme du mercredi 30 Mars 2016

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1. Viviane Arnoux François Michaud – Mission Impossible
2. Salamat – Mambo El Soudani
3. Ali Hassan Kuban – Habibi
4. Fun Lovin Criminals – Scooby Snacks
5. Glen Brown – Lay Lady
6. A Tribe Called Quest – Steve Biko (Stir It Up)
7. The Pharcyde – Pandemonium
8. The Roots – Proceed
9. Fugees – Fu-Gee-La
10. Finley Quaye – Sunday Shining
11. Freak Power – Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out
12. Daft Punk – Around The World
13. Blackstreet Feat. Dr. Dre – No Diggity
14. Tricky – Overcome
15. Smoke City – Underwater Love

Tricky – ‘Overcome’ (Official Video)

Audiogramme du mardi 29 Mars 2016

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1. Abdullah Ibrahim – Namlhanje (Radio Nova’s edit)
2. Ahmed Fakroun – Nisyan
3. Dahmane El Harrachi – Ya Rayah
4. Bonga – Boto Boto
5. Marvin Pontiac – Small Car
6. The Fatback Band – Wicky Wacky
7. Chromatics – Looking For Love
8. Dee-Lite – What Is Love
9. Inner City – Big Fun
10. Morphine – The Night
11. José González – Hints
12. Terry Callier – Lazarus Man


Audiogramme du lundi 28 Mars 2016

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1. Zap Mama – Take Me Coco
2. Carleen Anderson – Mama Said
3. Human Spirit – Rien a Peter
4. Les Negresses Vertes – Face a la Mer
5. Cesaria Evora – Cabo Verde
6. Joyce – Taxi Driver
7. Suzanne Vega – Blood Makes Noise
8. Stereo MC’s – Connected
9. Young Disciples – Apparently Nothin’
10. Digital Underground – Freaks Of The Industry
11. Cypress Hill – Pigs
12. A Tribe Called Quest – Check the Rhime
13. Yellowman – Hit The Road Jack
14. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Mustt Mustt (Massive Attack Remix)