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Beware the Ides Of March
Et tu, Brute? Hatta enta ya Bluetooth?

Ain’t no big thing
To wait for the bell to ring
Ain’t no big thing
The toll of the bell
Aggravated – spare for days
I troll downtown the red light place
Jump up bubble up – what’s in store
Love is the drug and I need to score
Showing out, showing out, hit and run
Boy meets girl as beat goes on
Stitched up tight, can’t break free
Love is the drug, got a hook on me

Oh oh catch that buzz
Love is the drug I’m thinking of
Oh oh can’t you see
Love is the drug for me

Late that night I park my car
Stake my place in the singles bar
Face to face, toe to toe
Heart to heart as we hit the floor
Lumber up, limbo down
The locked embrace, the stumble round
I say go, she say yes
Dim the lights, you can guess the rest

The mind has so many pictures
Why can’t I sleep with my eyes open?

I’m only the one you love
Am I only the one you love?

Radio, live transmission.

Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio…

Je vous raconte pas les courbatures à cause d’hier… ou la coherence de tout ça. Mais dans ma tête c’est assez clair…
Indépendance, Dépendances etc…

Written by audiogrammes

November 23, 2011 at 01:43

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