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I’m not wearing an iron armor
So if you wanna feel a little warmer
Any time be my guest
Lay your head on my chest

You should let me drive the car yo
And play good music on the stereo
From this town to the next
Lay your head on my chest

Herman Düne – Lay your head on my chest

My father calls his chest a runway. He used to encourage me to do sports in order for my chest to get larger and entice women to come and land on it. His selection would have been closer to Put Your Head On My Shoulder
And I could have played all my “chest songs” but i think I’ll stick with LAY. Not the chips…
Does this explain the picture of the plane landing… or could it have been “lay-over”?

Timber Timbre – Lay Down In The Tall Grass

Lay down and wait for you
with nothing but a piece of rope
Dreaming every night of you
Shaking at the sight
I’ll be dreaming every night of you
I’ll be shaking at the sight – of – you

Similar subject matter and imagery. Laying down on both sides of the grass…

This is the best cover of this Tom Waits song from the 2004 album Real Gone. If you want to download Agathe & Fine’s version of Green grass, have a look here. And go check their covers of Tom Waits’ Innocent When You Dream and Beirut’s Postcards from Italy. Watching girls playing ukuleles is quickly becoming a serious turn-on / fetish…

Lay your head where my heart used to be
Hold the earth above me
Lay down in the green grass
Remember when you loved me

Come closer don’t be shy
Stand beneath a rainy sky
The moon is over the rise
Think of me as a train goes by…

And now we get to the serious laying.
Unfortunately, Prince says: Come! lie beneath my shadow
So we go to Bob Dylan’s Country album Nashville Skyline for one of his most powerful declarations

Why wait any longer for the world to begin
You can have your cake and eat it too
Why wait any longer for the one you love
When he’s standing in front of you

Obviously with lyrics like that you’re bound to get Laid

Very catchy song. But the lyrics are rubbish.

This bed is on fire
With passionate love
The neighbors complain about the noises above
But she only comes when she’s on top

My therapist said not to see you no more
She said you’re like a disease without any cure
She said I’m so obsessed that I’m becoming a bore, oh no
Ah, you think you’re so pretty

Caught your hand inside a till
Slammed your fingers in the door
Fought with kitchen knives and skewers
Dressed me up in women’s clothes
Messed around with gender roles
Dye my eyes and call me pretty

Moved out of the house, so you moved next door
I locked you out, you cut a hole in the wall
I found you sleeping next to me, I thought I was alone
You’re driving me crazy, when are you coming home

Written by audiogrammes

October 29, 2011 at 09:35

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