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And now the news:

Today’s Soft Focus is on the Sugar Free Soy Flour Sausage Festival of Spanish Fork, UTAH.
It seems that the Saturated Fat of those Specialty Foods covers thousands of Square Feet and has dealt an unprecedented blow to the Sunflower industry in the region. This Scarcely Found type of Swine Flu is very dangerous because of its hybridization with Scarlet Fever.

Sustained Fire is the only solution to eradicate this mutant disease. Our Secret Friends at the Special Forces have guaranteed that all Safety Factors will be respected: Scuderia Ferrari has been transformed into an actual Strike Force with Significant Figures that recall the heyday of Northern Ireland’s Sinn Fein and Denmark’s Socialistisk Folkeparti.

With its Simple Formulation, Sigmund Freud’s Super Friendly Survivor Function has transformed the Spayed Female’s Smoking Fetish into a Super Fancy Static Force. Our Semi Floating Star-Fleet is here with Sword and Fist to make sure the Swiss Franc System Failure is not repeated and the Sexy Female’s Sticky Fingers are defiantly aimed at her Step-Father, looking for a Soft Feel on the Shop Floor.

Please forgive the Semifinished Sentence Fragments ; I’d say this is more Speculative than Science Fiction.



Scott McKenzie – San Francisco (Mediafire Link)

If you’re going to San Francisco
You’re gonna meet some gentle people there

That’s the song most people get in their head. I could have also posted Village People’s Go West.
But I went in for the kill with his one

Magnetic Fields – Come Back From San Francisco (Mediafire Link)

Come back from San Francisco.
It can’t be all that pretty,
when all of New York City misses you.
Should pretty boys in discos distract you from your novel,
remember I’m awful in love with you.
When you betray me, betray me with a kiss.
Damn you. I’ve never stayed up as late as this.

And continued with this one: the manipulative cherry on top

Chris Isaak – San Francisco Days (Mediafire Link)

I still love you, I still want you.
I still need you, don’t hang up and say goodbye.
we never will be through…

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October 10, 2011 at 16:24

3 Responses

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  1. It would be nice to ask before using a pictures when you don’t have the copyright
    maison bleue de Maxime Leforestier 18th street San Francisco


    November 13, 2011 at 09:15

  2. Apologies to you, Luc. You are absolutely right.
    Even if I never contact people in order to get their permission, I could at least put the copyright info on the picture. Please check the modification made to the credits. If this isn’t convenient, Let me know and I’ll just replace it with another photo.
    All the best


    November 13, 2011 at 12:33

    • Seems the copyright changes aren’t appearing on the post…
      I’ll just change the picture!
      Have a great weekend


      November 13, 2011 at 12:40

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